Vigiando a Vovó

Vigiando a Vovó


You thought about what grandmothers do with their grandchildren when the parents are not around? Is it true that the grandparents “spoil” the grandchildren? That give everything they ask? And what will that sons, daughters, sons and daughters find these grandparents that allow grandchildren attitudes they criticized them, their own children?


A camera monitor for two days, maternal and paternal grandparents in dealing with their grandchildren and all will be seen by parents who may not interfere. Secondly, an expert analyze the images and put the entire face to face family pointing everything that grandmothers did right or wrong.This is a fun show for the whole family, it will be impossible to identify these grannies with his mother, or the mother or even the grandmother who all had and that bring us so many good memories! 

Ficha Técnica

Genre: Reality behavioral intervention
Production: Roberto d’Avila
Direction: Ricardo Perez
Presenter: Marcelo Cunha Bueno
Duration: 30 minutes


Season 1 – 13 programs (2016)