Última Parada 174

Última Parada 174


Based on the multi-awarded documentary “Ônibus 174″ [Bus 174] by José Padilha, “Infância Roubada” is a movie inspired by stunning real stories.


The film presents the life of Sandro do Nascimento, a poor boy who flees to the street after witnessing his mother being killed. It tells his stories, the characters he meets through life, the play area that he meets on the streets, his passage by Candelária, where he survives the horrific massacre of July 23rd, 1993. This same boy is the protagonist of the fateful hijacking of bus 174, 7 years later. In parallel to Sandro’s life, the film tells the story of Marisa. A mother looking for her son who was taken from her by a drug dealer and the breathtaking history of other characters with whom our protagonist interacts during his saga.


Genre: Drama


Duration: 110 minutes


Year of release: 2008


Distributor: Paramount Pictures


Directed by: Bruno Barreto


Screenplay by: Bráulio Mantovani


Produced by: Roberto d’Avila, Patrick Siaretta, Paulo Dantas, Bruno Barreto, Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre