The Taste Brasil

The Taste Brasil


The Brazilian version of The Taste is under the command of the chefs Andre Mifano, Claude Troisgros and Felipe Bronze – Competition mentors. These three talents gastronomy also compete with each other and, therefore, need to coordinate their kitchens and choose very well their teams.


They are only four places in each team and 24 competitors, among chefs, curious and lovers of good food. This means that, early on, 12 of them will be eliminated.
There is a big difference between ‘The Taste Brazil’ and other gastronomic realities: the tasting is done blind and in a single scoop. Nothing complex, elaborate and beautiful dishes. What counts is the taste of the spoonful.


Also each program, a renowned chef is invited to suggest the theme of the competition and challenge the three mentors, they need to make their participants to prepare spoons that please. Blindly, the guest will choose the best spoon and give immunity to the cook who prepared – under the guidance of his mentor.


The next test makes each participant sue the shirt to show that it can face the challenge and create the best flavor of the episode … or worse! Here are the mentors themselves to prove the tasting spoons. And of course, blindly. That is, without knowing who did what, can elect and remove someone from your own kitchen.

Ficha Técnica

Genre: Reality competition (GNT)
General Director: Roberto d’Avila
Hosts: Andre Mifano, Claude Troisgros, Felipe Bronze and Helena Rizzo
Duration: 45 minutes


Season 1 (2015) – 10 episodes
Season 2 (2016) – 10 episodes
Season 3 (2017) – 10 episodes
Season 4 (2018) – 10 episodes
Season 5 (2019) – 10 episodes