Rosario Tijeras

Rosario Tijeras


The violence in Medellín, in the 80’s, is the scenario and the time to take to the movies this love story between a beautiful gang member (pandillera), Rosario Tijeras, and two young guys of high society.


Half legend, half reality, Rosario Tijeras is born in the pages of the novel by Colombian Jorge Franco, best-seller that was translated into many languages in Europe, Asia and America. A story of passion and embezzlement, in which the protagonists play with their feelings in a city overwhelmed by narco-terrorism.


Rosario Tijeras is a woman who struggles to survive in a country that denied her everything, and for whom death and vertigo are ecstatic, a dream and a blasting of instincts. The story was filmed in the same locations where this story emerged, by the producers of films such as Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas, Antes que Anochezca, La Hija del Caníbal, Bolívar Soy Yo and Como el Gato y el Ratón.


Genre: Action / Police


Directed by: Emilio Maillé


Screenplay by Marcelo Figueras and Jorge Franco Ramos


Origin: Colombia


Duration:  126 minutes


Produced by: Patrick Siaretta , Roberto D’avila, Enrique Sarasola , Antonio P. Perez , Javier Rodriguez Borgio, Victor Mena