Dear Mom

Dear Mom


Misunderstandings in the relationship between mother and daughter.
Ruth always argue with her rebellious daughter Helô
Helô blames Ruth for her failures and for rejecting her for the sake of her sister Beth.
They have serious communication problems. The mother is penalized at the sight of her daughter’s unhappiness. But Helô underestimates his mother’s life experience.
However, Ruth’s image of perfection is shaken when she reveals that she has had a lover.
Mother and daughter are becoming more humanized, especially when Helô discovers that the mother has cancer. They end up looking less bitterly and discover a generosity that makes love more transparent.


Feature film -Drama Female / Family
Producer Roberto d’Ávila
Director Jeremias Moreira
Screenplay Jaqueline Vargas
Executive Producer: Suraia Lenktaitis
Photographer: Uli Burtin, ABC
Art Director: Antônio de Freitas
Edition: Renato Lima
Music: Marcos Levy (Xuxa)
Sound Design: Luiz Adelmo, ABC
Casting: Cássia Guindo
Original story by: Free adaptation of Maria Adelaide Amaral’s theater
Distribution Elo Company