Que Seja Doce

Que Seja Doce


QUE SEJA DOCE: is a reality format that will show how “sweet” confectioning all sorts of sugary deserts can be!



In each episode, three experienced confectioners will battle to prove they are the best,becoming the sweetheart of the jury! On their way to sweetup the jury out of their feet,winning their demanding hearts and taste.Two luscious challenges will test their knowledge on sugar alchemy, in a tense atmosphere that masters the art of improvisation. We recommend a sprinkle of charisma, creativity, joyful crust of enthusiasm to overcome all obstacles ahead.


CHALLENGE 1 – The first challenge is concrete: the confectioners will have to prepare a specific kind of sweet, a pre-defined ingredient, etc.


CHALLENGE 2 – The second challenge is abstract: the two remaining competitors must inspire themselves on the theme and do a free creation. As long as this inspiration is respected, they can create what they want: a cream, a cake, an iced desert… whatever they want.


THE END – In the end, another confectioner is eliminated and the other is declared the winner. Off we go with the jury’s closing remarks, stating why he was the rightful choice to win the title of Best Confectioner!

Ficha Técnica

Genre: Reality competition (GNT)
Directed by Ricardo Pompeu e Eugenia Ruggeri
Production: Roberto d’Avila and Cris Moraes
Presenters: Felipe Bronze, Carole Crema, Lucas Corazza and Roberto Strongoli
Duration: 45 minutes


Season 1 (2015) – 30 episodes + 18 episodes
Season 2 (2016) – 30 episodes + 10 episodes
Season 3 (2017) – 40 episodes
Season 4 (2018) – 40 episodes