Os Xeretas

Os Xeretas


The city of Castro, state of Parana, is the scene of the first adventure of X – Kids.
Duda, Tato and Nick are boys between 12 and 14 years who discover a network of tunnels located beneath the city, which ultimately lead them far, far beyond what they could imagine.


Everything begins when they find a little girl with a strange symbol tattooed on his arm, wandering lost. With the help of Alana – the mystic living in the city – discover that the girl is a “traveler of the portals of time and space.”


Alana takes advantage of its old and rare manuscripts, to tell the story about Aleph: the people responsible for the security of travelers portals. But he warns, as all of his people, the girl needs a medallion – the key to the portals – to return to your home. Without it, she will not survive more than a day in our time …


Using creativity, courage and wisdom of the words of Alana, the nosy have the mission to recover the locket discovered to have been stolen from a museum in Sao Paulo. The bandits, however, do not intend to make things easy for the boys. From now on, X – Kids go against his biggest adventure. And it’s just beginning.


Genre: Children and Youth / Adventure
Production: Magia filmes
Producer: Roberto d’Avila
Direction and Screenplay: Michael Ruman
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
Format: 35mm / digital Beta
Window: 1:85
Portuguese language
Casting: Francisco Cuoco, Roberto Arduim, Eliana Fonseca, Ana Lucia Torre, Fábio Lins, Fabio Cruz, José Eduardo Gomes and José Luiz.
Release Year: 2001
Duration: Approximately 90 min (86 min 30 sec)
Screenplay: Michael Ruman and Claudio Galperin