Maximo & Confúcio

Maximo & Confúcio


Shows the fun and troubled daily life of a middle-class family in the financial crisis, caused by the bankruptcy of the company that once thrived.


The story starts from the decline Maximo Jacaranda , enthusiast of their own trajectory. Of humble origin, was able to open a business of children’s items and built his small empire. But the lack of skill with the business leads to bankruptcy, forcing him to start from scratch. To make matters worse, he can not count on his son, Confucio.


The relationship between father and son, complete with entertaining dialogues with characters as irreverent as the protagonists, as the owner Biloca Jacaranda, Max’s wife and mother of Confucius, a station wagon that is forced to work for the first time in his life after order the company of her husband.

Ficha Técnica

Genre – Sitcom (TV Cultura)
Producer – Roberto D’Avila
Author – Leonardo Cortez
Original idea – Ricardo Corte Real & Leonardo Cortez
Director – Eliana Fonseca
Executive Producer – Suraia Lenktaitis
Duration: 45 minutes


Season 1 – episodes 13 (2015)