Magal e os Formigas

Magal e os Formigas


Magal – John is a retired job and lottery junkie. He was trained in the work ethic that condemns the pleasure. Hypocondriac, lives with a little retirement and is always worried about the future of children: Sergio, an indebted workaholic and Sandra. His wife, Mary, dreams remodeling in the house.His only hobby is to visit the friend Alberico in his machine shop.

After a sort of delirium, João begins to receive supernatural visits from the musician Sidney Magal who with all his charisma and humor, proves to John that enjoying the present is the solution of his problems.

With Sidney Magal, Norival Rizzo, Imara Reis.


Producer: Moonshot Pictures
Writer: Newton Cannito and Marcos Takeda
Executive Producer: Suraia Lenktaitis
Associate producer: José Alvarenga Jr
Production: Roberto d’Avila
Co direction: Michael Ruman
Direction: Newton Cannito
Direction Photography: Uli Burtin, ABC
Art Direction: Antônio de Freitas
Soundtrack: Marcos “Xuxa” Levy
Edition: Renato Lima
Sound Design: Luiz Adelmo, ABC