Geração de Craques

Geração de Craques


Geração de Craques is a documentary series that show the panorama of selection and training of new football star players in Brazil.


You can create an idol inside the club itself? What techniques and technologies applied to training young athletes? As we are preparing the future of football in Brazil on the eve of the World Cup?


These questions will be answered by a thorough research in the categories of base and their Clubs Trainers, seeking unique characters among young athletes, coaches and the various professionals involved in their search and training.


The emotionally boys will give us the human aspect, while professionals will illuminate the technical and scientific aspects involved in the matter.


The training, a team driving styles, the ways to make a competitive team, the story of characters who embody the greatest vices and virtues of sport, in addition to the enormous potential of emotion inherent in football, will be some of the elements of this universe capable to create a unique television experience.

Ficha Técnica

Genre: Docu reality TV (Discovery Channel)


Directed by Andre Barmak


Production: Roberto d’Avila


Duration: 22 minutes


Season 1 – 13 episodes (2013)