Food Truck A Batalha

Food Truck A Batalha


Food Truck: A Batalha” is a competition reality combining food lovers and breathtaking challenges.The show puts in evidence the new wave of urban culture: the access of “haute cuisine” throughout the city’s streets. In each episode, two chefs will be leading their truck on cooking challenges, full of surprises that will test their ability to maneuver their enthusiasm and knowledge. A “mentor” food truck specialist will help each truck with the challenges on how to cook in a truck, which are best solutions, types of food, recipes and ideas.


The first challenge is a fast test either in the show’s HQ or in a specialist cuisine. Each chef will be given a task.The one that wines, get some advantages. Off they go to the streets where the competitors will sell their food, satisfying not only the customers but also the mentors. The winner is the one that overcomes creatively all the difficulties and makes more money. The loser leaves the show empty handed and the mentor whose team lost will suffer the consequences: a prank chose by the winner’s mentor.

Ficha Técnica

Genre: Reality competition (GNT)
Directed by Andre Barmak
Production: Roberto d’Avila
Host: Marcio Silva and Adolpho Schaefer
Duration: 45 minutes


Season 1 (2015) – 30 episodes
Season 2 (2016) – 30 episodes


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