Eliana em o Segredo dos Golfinhos

Eliana em o Segredo dos Golfinhos


Riviera Maya is holding a contest among schools in Brazil. All students from 5th to 8th grade can participate. To compete you need to write an essay answering the question: Why do you want to go to Riviera Maya? The winner may invite a teacher of his/her school to go along on the trip.


The winner is Severino, a boy known as Jabá. Born in a small town in the arid interior of the State of Pernambuco. His writing touches the organizers. He just wants to know the sea. He chooses his science teacher, Eliana. What made him choose her were her classes. Eliana is an oceanographer and loves aquatic animals, especially dolphins. Her dream is to one day swim with them.


They make the trip to the Riviera in Mexico. After knowing the region and Jabá having fun in the Caribbean Sea, the boy convinces the competition organizers to go to Cozumel to make the dream of the teacher come true. To swim with the dolphins.


Once there, they meet the dolphin Garrafinha (a bottlenose dolphin), that starts to behave strangely. The animal makes repeated signals to Jabá. No one can understand that, even the experienced trainers. Garrafinha keeps swimming in only one direction and shows a strange pyramid-shaped stone.


After much effort to understand the signs of the dolphin, an accident happens. A gate not closed correctly allows the dolphin to leave. To everyone’s surprise, instead of swimming out to the open sea, Garrafinha calls Jabá to join it. Jabá, Eliana and the trainers, an old Mayan man and a young girl, take a boat of the park and leave to find out where the animal wants to take them.


Garrafinha swims at high speed; on the way it meets many of its family that was waiting at the entrance of the bay. All together swim straight to Tulum, an incredible ruin of a Mayan temple by the sea of Caribbean. Then begins an exploration inside the pyramid.


In the beginning of the journey, the group is stopped by an evil figure, the temple guard. An old enemy warrior of the Maya people with over 1000 years. He relies on other faithful keepers, the ferocious Caribbean reef sharks. The sharks attack Garrafinha, while the old guard tries in every way to prevent the discovery of an important object.


Finally after much searching, the group finds the object. An amazing Mayan crystal skull that has the power to project images of past and future. Teacher Eliana recognizes in the images an amazing place, the Dolphin Bay located in an oceanic island, near the Brazilian coast. It is Fernando de Noronha. This fact is strange to her, since she had never been on the island. In fact, it is Noronha from a thousand years ago.


Suddenly an incredible force out of the skull pulls them inside it. They go back in time and they are in the middle of a ritual of an unknown people where the very Eliana is bound and will be offered to the gods. The person doing the offering is the old man, now keeper of the ruins. Jabá also lived at that time and can save Eliana, with the help of a Mayan girl.


Then a great adventure on the island begins. The little Maya girl reveals that all those sacrifices are to try to find the crystal skull. She, however, knows that the secret is stored in the Dolphin Bay. Just look at nature and see how those dolphins behave, giving spins around its own axis, as well as our sacred planet. The girl has a map that describes a cave where the wind of the time blows. They get inside the cave and discover in ancient inscriptions where the spinner dolphins appear indicating the map of the “treasure.”


Together they manage to rescue the skull that was guarded by the dolphins in the bottom of the bay. This skull, if guarded by the good people, can do unlimited good, but if guarded by evil, it has the power of terrible destruction.


Rescued this skull they return instantly to the present, and discover that the Mayan girl also lives in the present, always as a child; she is the assistant trainer of Garrafinha. Now in possession of good people, the skull projects images of a preserved land, and a future of environmental responsibility.


Genre: Children’s Adventure
Produced by: E M B, Moonshot Pictures, Canal Azul, Intercross, Fox Filmes do Brasil
Co-Produced by: Rede Record
Duration: 90 minutes
Viewing: 35mm, in color
Sound: Dolby Digital
Distribution: Fox Filmes do Brasil
Directed by: Eliana Fonseca
Produced by: Eliana Michaelichin, Patrick Siaretta,Roberto d´Avila, Marcos Quintela, Ricardo Aidar
Executive Produced by: Roberto d´Avila, Michael Ruman
Screenplay by: Reinaldo Moraes