Diario do Olivier

Diario do Olivier


Gathering the experience on cooking in front of the camera to his journalistic spirit, Olivier Anquier developed the Diário do Olivier [Olivier Diary] project. From 1999 to 2003, the program, broadcast by GNT, was a great success, becoming a top-rated show among the cable TV channels. In early 2006, the show was aired again, this time in an open network.


In 2009, O Diário de Olivier was broadcasted by GNT again.


In 2010 and early 2011, in partnership with Moonshot, 27 episodes were made. The 2010 season began with a series of programs filmed in France. Then, in Brazil, we filmed episodes in Pantanal of Mato Grosso State, Vale do Paraíba, went through the international cuisine of São Paulo and ended in Rio de Janeiro coast. 

Ficha Técnica

Genre: Food and Travel
Directed by: Ricardo Pompeu
Produced by: Roberto d’Avila, Patrick Siaretta, Jerome Merle
Executive Produced by: Jerome Merle
Presented by: Olivier Anquier
Duration:  22 minutes


Season – 13 episodes (2010)
Season – 10 episodes (2010)
Summer Season – 4 episodes (2011)


WEBSITE – http://gnt.globo.com/programas/diario-do-olivier/