Custom Club Brasil

Custom Club Brasil


Custom Club Brazil is a series about the AZ Motorcycle specialized workshop in customizing motorcycles style “Harley Davidson” which is in the district of Morumbi in São Paulo.

Helcio Zambotto is the owner and main character of the program following his footsteps in search of the most amazing customizations of the market, considering the unique and handmade work he develops motorcycles for 20 years.

In addition to providing creations and transformations breathtaking, like a sidecar which was developed inspired by Roman chariots, we will follow the life of Helcio, which decided to expand the facilities of AZ and include the headquarters a bar / hamburger shop and a tattoo studio.

Helcio, which is divided between the entrepreneur and creative work in the workshop, is also the father of four children and passionate about jiu-jitsu.
It is through this central figure that inspires and makes history in the customization of the role that plunged this universe full of style, freedom, fun and togetherness. So take a ride with Custom Club Brazil and join the family of passionate about bikes.

Ficha Técnica

Genre: docu reality for tv
Direction: Roberto D’avila
Direction: André Barmak
Script: Laura Villar
Duration: 45 minutes


1ª season 13 episodes (2015)


Discovery Channel / Discovery Turbo