Cozinheiros em Ação

Cozinheiros em Ação


“Cozinheiros em Ação” has a stated mission : to find the best home cook in Brazil. Many people cook. Some cook out of necessity, others by profession and others have “one foot in the kitchen”. These aren’t chefs, but, with their homemade recipes, they are successful among their families and friends. But some are really good and others just really loving family and friends… 

The program introduces the audience to characters who are selected to participate in a competition , combining storytelling with the pursuit of the passion for cooking. And we’re talking about cooks, not chefs. In other words , we are talking about homemade banquet makers, day laborers who sell frozen foods to make ends meet, people who migrated in search of a better life , struggling students, young professionals, retirees who cook for the whole family, ‘alternative’ figures… the various dimensions of our world are represented in our candidates – and all of Brazil sit at the table to eat their food! These people cooked all my life: for their families , for hire, for their neighbors, for their micro -businesses. They are “cooks” in the most powerful sense of the word , and not always recognized . “Cozinheiros em Ação” also serves to enhance and expose their talent. 


Ficha Técnica

Renge: Cooking reality show
General direction and production: Roberto d’Avila 
Produced by: Cris Moraes and Suraia Lenktaitis
Duration: 13 episodes, 45 minutes 


Season 1 – 13 episodes (2013) – Host: Olivier Anquier 
Season 2 – 13 episodes (2014)
Season 3 – 13 episodes (2015)
Season 4 – 13 episodes x 48 minutes – new format (2016) –Host: Olivier Anquier
Season 5 – 13 episodes (2017) – Host: Thiago Castanho
Season 6 – 13 episodes (2018)


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