Confissões de um X, um Y e um Z

Confissões de um X, um Y e um Z


Today different generations with different behaviors share a common space. Sociologists felt the need to give them names, in order not to mix individuals from different times in the same category. So each generation got its own nomenclature.
This is how you can understand how teenagers nowadays have different behavior and characteristics from teenagers of the beginning of the 20th century, or the fifties, the sixties or the nineties. Each generation got its own nomenclature: – The university character (Z) – he’ll soon be in the labour market, so he’s in a hurry. He gets familiar with new tecnologies quickly. – The labour market character (Y) – youngsters get a job and are filled with energy and ideas. They accomplish several tasks at the same time. – The 30-40 year old generation – their age would make them X, but they often have the mind of an Y. They shock with the previous generation, like an X, but they don’t understand the dynamic life of an Y. 

Ficha Técnica

Genre : Internet documentary
General direction: Ricardo Pompeu 
Produced by: Suraia Lenktaitis , Camila D’Amico, Cris Moraes, Simone Kanashiro
Duration: 5 minutes 
1st Season – 10 episodes (2012)

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