Confissões de Acompanhantes

Confissões de Acompanhantes


Six escort girls, including the Brazilian celebrity and former prostitute Bruna Surfistinha, open their minds about just about anything.


In fifteen 3 minute videos, the working girls give us their perspective over clients, professional dilemmas, family, relationships and, of course, sex. The format meets the new demands over Internet videos, with a dynamic language and broadcasting quality. The website Terra TV ran it, releasing one episode every week.


Written by Newton Cannito, the book is a literary recreation of real interviews with prostitutes and bohemian men. Its texts highlight sex, love and humor. According to the filmmaker and soap opera writer Antonio Calmon, Cannito’s book”remembers Nelson Rodrigues’ and Plínio Marcos’ most delicious moments and brings life as it really is to Brazilian fiction in the most humorous and artful way”.


A stand up show that mixes reality and fiction, taking advantage of all possibilities given by the web context.


We researched real testimonies given by prostitutes and created five characters. Each character was conceived as a real person, with its own Orkut and Myspace profiles and personal blog. And each one has her own act about their day to day life, just like any stand up comedian.


Four actresses were casted and the acts have 15-20 minutes each. 
The MC introduces the show and cues the others characters, by her text and a musical theme (each character has her own).


Cindy Mendes, Guta Ruiz, Maira Dvorek and Rachel Ripani fill the stage with humor and an erotic twist, charming the audience with their irreverence.

Ficha Técnica

Genre: Internet documentary
Created by: Roberto d’Avila e Newton Cannito 
Produced by: Roberto d’Avila 
Duration: 3 minutes 


1st Season – 15 episodes


Serie –

Stand up –

Book –