Brazil’s Next Top Model

Brazil’s Next Top Model


In 13 episodes, the everyday struggle of aspiring models in search of the dream of becoming Brazil’s next top model. In the show, 20 girls are selected to participate in it and, in the first episode, seven are already eliminated, leaving only 13 in the competition.
The purpose of this reality show is turning girls into potential supermodels and for that they participate in workshops on topics related to model career and later they experience the challenges of a model through different competitions in each episode.
Monitored by cameras 24 hours a day, the girls will have to show flexibility and professionalism not to let their personal conflicts interfere with their performance. After facing the competitions, they are sent to the feared judging room, where the jury, led by the host, decides who comes back home according to their performances. After three months of many competitions and unusual challenges, the big winner signs a contract with a major modeling agency and also features the cover of a major magazine of national reach.


Ficha Técnica


Genre: Reality show for TV
SONY Entertainment Television (Latin America)
Directed by: Roberto d’Avila
Produced by: Roberto d’Avila, Patrick Siaretta, Jerome Merle
Executive Produced by: Suraia Lenktaits
Presented by: Fernanda Motta
Duration:  45 minutes

1st Season – 12 episodes (2007)
2nd Season – 13 episodes (2008)
3rd Season – 14 episodes (2009)