Alex Green

Alex Green


Alex Green is a series of comedy, action and adventure where we follow the epic saga of Alex, a 13 year old boy who wants to become a magician, but is forced to invent the strangest tactics to study magic because they have dyslexia, read ancient scrolls and super books are not your best option.


Student of a magic decadent school that works within the shell of a giant turtle, Alex explores his world, a place made of patchwork of other fantasy kingdoms behind tools and tricks to absorb the magical knowledge to get good grades and graduate.


But getting these artifacts will not be easy. Filas dai,  the dragon , is taking villages and entire kingdoms, literally creating an empire with his fiery breath and an army of evil monsters designed that seem straight out of a B-movie science fiction.
To help you in your quest, Alex has the support of Isabeau, the teacher 200 years trapped in a child’s body; Aana, the school custodian cyborg and Nadia, a girl-ninja who lives clandestinely in high school.


Welcome to the world of Alex Green. 100% magic, adventure and bullshit.


Genre: Animation (Cut-Out), comedy, adventure, fantasy
Creation and screenplay: Anderson Almeida
Production: Roberto d’Avila
Duration: 52 x 11 min.