9mm São Paulo

9mm São Paulo


With Brazilian talents and filmed entirely in High Definition, “9MM: São Paulo” is the first original miniseries in Portuguese filmed by FOX in Brazil.


 “9mm:São Paulo” is a police drama done with two direction units and filmed in real locations in the city of São Paulo, including police units, hospitals, training centers and favelas [slums].


Inspired freely in police cases and the result of several months of research that included interviews and testimonials from real cops. This originated the first Fox dramatic miniseries, a production that reveals the complexities faced by the police force to enforce the law in a city as intense as São Paulo.


 “9mm: São Paulo” is focused on everyday lives of a group of detectives in São Paulo, where simultaneously happens a series of crimes that do not seem related. The detectives face with professionalism – and with lack of resources – the complicated reality of the police in this city. Besides dealing with external problems on a daily basis, this team also has to deal with personal conflicts that arise very easily.


Horácio (Norival Rizzo) 
A detective for 30 years, Horácio keeps the authoritarian ways of the Brazilian military regime. Unlike the typical “carioca”, he’s quiet, bitter and sometimes very violent. Horácio has always been a loner and used to act without anyone’s help. But now he’s going through a crisis, as his younger very professional colleagues try to modernize the force and dislike his “old guard” investigation methods.


Eduardo (Luciano Quirino) 
Eduardo, a prestigious chief of Police, is considered a bright young talent of the new law enforcement generation. He’s one of the few chiefs with college education and a Masters in Human Rights. However, despite his personal merits and his post, lots of his achievements are due to the connections of his father-in-law, a known congressman. This nepotism permanently clashes against the reason why he entered the force: turning Brazilian police into a fair and transparent institution.


Luisa (Clarissa Kiste) 
Luisa is a 34 years old investigator. She was a single mother at 15, which brought her a great sense of responsibility, but also a lot of sacrifices. Luisa is moralist, obsessive, perfectionist and a total workaholic. However, leading daily with the injustice of the world made her a tough and demanding woman, which is good for being an efficient detective, but constantly generates conflicts with her daughter Dani, a girl she doesn’t understand and with whom she doesn’t know how to deal.


Tavares (Marcos Cesana) 
Tavares is 38 years old, but he’s new in the Police. Although he’s a man of the law, he knows every illegal gambling boss, drug dealer and car stealer in town, maybe because he was very close to the criminals of his neighborhood. These contacts are fundamental to Tavares and he doesn’t hesitate in using them as informants or bridges to get the criminals, a tactic that will often help him find the right lead.


3P (Nicolas Trevijano) 
3P is 30 years old. He’s a nice guy. He’s a jiu-jitsu fighter and a extreme sports fanatic that joined the force because he was attracted by the adrenaline of the job. Sometimes impulsive and uncontrolled, 3P struggles with the violence that constantly puts his life in danger.

Ficha Técnica

Genre: Police drama series
Created by: Carlos Amorin, Roberto d’Avila and Newton Cannito
Produced by: Roberto d’Avila, Patrick Siaretta and Jerome Merle
Screenplay by: Newton Cannito and Marc Bechar
Directed by: Michael Ruman
Cast: Norival Rizzo, Clarissa Kiste, Luciano Quirino, Nicolas Trevijano and Marcos Cesana
Duration: 47 minutes
Fox Channel Brazil


1st Season – 13 episodes (2008/9)
2nd Season – 7 episodes (2010/11)