171 Negócio de Família

171 Negócio de Família


Diogenes, a serious man who legitimizes his rightful existence as a bank manager, seeks to be living proof that the saying “son of fish, goldfish is a big lie. All this certainty seems unshakeable until his father, Moreira, an old school scoundrel gone ten years ago, returns willing to re-establish his place in the family.
In 171, we accompanied Moreira, preoccupied with his legacy, to try to revive his old gang of Mocha henchmen, and also determined to involve his family in the universe of his “art”, for him: “A single coupist is only one Idiot trying to get along. ” With this, it ignites a war against the son, who becomes fierce when he sees the object of adoration of the grandson, Chicão. In this fall of arm with the father, Diogenes finds himself pushed against the principles that it forged to legitimize his life straight, realizing that his DNA of tricksman says about him much more than he could imagine.

Ficha Técnica

General Direction: Roberto d’Avila
Direction of episodes
Roberto d’Avila and Michael Ruman – Eps 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13
Luis Pinheiro – Eps 3 and 4
Roberto d’Avila and Marc Bechar Ep 11.
Producer: Roberto d’Avila
Co-Producer: Marc Bechar
Executive Producer: Suraia Lenktaitis
Original story by: João Machado and Marc Bechar
Author: Marc Bechar
Cinematographer: Uli Burtin, ABC
Art Director: Antônio de Freitas
Edition: Renato Lima
Music: Gabriel Dib
Sound Design: Luiz Adelmo, ABC
Casting producer: Cássia Guindo


MOREIRA – Norival Rizzo
DIÓGENES – Felipe Folgosi
CHICÃO – Giovanni de LorenziLINGUINHA – Luiz Serra
QUITÉRIA – Patrícia Gasppar
GINA – Clarissa Kiste
CODORNA – Cacá Carvalho
RITA – Maria Manoella