‘The Taste Brasil’ terá a chef Helena Rizzo como mentora na nova temporada

‘The Taste Brasil’ terá a chef Helena Rizzo como mentora na nova temporada


Behind the small kitchens in different shades, four in all, there is a long hallway. It does not appear on television, but it could be the favorite part of the show for a lot of people. They are shelves and shelves of ingredients in pots labeled, rice, spices, flours, oils, fruits …

Well it’s a gastronomy reality show, only with “real chefs” cooking.

“The Taste Brasil” premieres its third season on April 6 at GNT. The main novelty is that above: four kitchens, that is, four mentors. Award-winning chef Helena Rizzo (Mani) joins André Mifano (Lilu), Claude Troisgros (Olympe) and Felipe Bronze (Gold). In the program, each has its team of three members, selected from blind tests in which they prove recipes arranged in spoons, in a single dose.

With the arrival of Helena, the dynamics change mainly in moments of decision. If before the third juror ended up giving the vote of minerva in impasses, now there are draws and they have to negotiate until the verdict.

The low profile chef’s visit surprised even the staff. “What I think is cool is that we do not have to use margarine, it’s a free program with gastronomic content,” he explains.

During the recording, she cooks side by side with one of the participants – which is even questioned by the contestants and the director who alerts in the “Helena, call the boy, gauge him” point. And the answer: “Oh, I need to cook today, damn it.”

“The people who participate are the ones who work with us. They are similar to the ones we have in our daily lives,” says the chef.

Behind the scenes, everyone accompanies the preparations in real time. “Guess who’s going to smoke stuff?” “This will taste like an egg.” “What is she eating? Is it jambu?” It could be jury talks. But it was the technical staff, who already learned a lot about cooking.

Among the chefs, of course, there is also a lot of subject matter. “I’m very homely, I work and I’m going home. Having these changes between mentors, talking about the taste, is a stimulus,” says Helena. “It recycles me a lot to be with young people, doing different things and thinking ‘I wish I had that idea,'” Felipe Bronze adds.

Being in the third edition, believes director Roberto D’Avila, attracts another profile of cook. “More qualified professionals are signing up because they are now certain that they will not expose themselves to ridicule, they already know the style of the program.” “There is a boy who has been a super-professional Lasai [by chef Rafa Costa e Silva, RJ] who submitted his work to the screen of mentors.” “The first season was an experience for all of us,” says Claude Troisgros.

Mentors agree on the evolution at the cook’s level this season -Bronze has already invited three to work with him, for example.

“Cooking is my life, what I do for a living, whether it’s on TV or in the restaurant.” And in the program, everyone thinks of food with a lot of respect. Part of reality, “says André Mifano.

The Taste Brasil – terceira temporada
QUANDO a partir de 6/4, no GNT

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