Sidney Magal estrela filme na Caixa Cultural Recife

Sidney Magal estrela filme na Caixa Cultural Recife

The Hearing Test Project will display in July, at Caixa Cultural Recife, another work of the seventh art to unprecedented public scrutiny. Written and directed signed by Newton Cannito, “Magal and the Ants” is a narrative about John, a retired with two vices: work and lottery.

The exhibition takes place on July 19th at 19:30 and will be attended by the director, who will participate in debate after the session. Tickets cost R $ 4.00 and R $ 2.00 (half) and will be on sale on the day of the exhibition, from 10 am. The indicative classification is free.

“Magal and the Ants” takes to the big screen family issues John Hypochondriac, he lives with small retirement and is always worried about the future of the children:. Sergio, an indebted workaholic and Sandra, who lost the groom.

His wife, Mary, dreams of a reform in the house and his only hobby is to visit his friend Alberico in his machine shop. The story changes when, after a kind of delirium, John begins receiving supernatural visits Sidney Magal musician. With a touch of humor, the film promises optimistic messages and a turning point in the life of John.

During the sessions of the hearing test project, the audience is monitored in their reactions, answers to a questionnaire and participate in discussions actively and may interfere with the outcome of the film. The initiative seeks to bring Brazilian cinema of your audience, through the exchange of ideas between spectators and directors, writers, producers.

The Hearing Test spent nine years in theaters in Brasilia and was also presented in Curitiba and São Paulo, totaling more than 90 Brazilian films shown. The project comes to Recife with sessions on the third Tuesday of each month until January 2017. The monitoring is done by a team of researchers coordinated by Michelle Stephanou and Eladio Oduber. At the end of the film the audience is invited to discuss with the filmmakers displayed production.

“Magal and the Ants”
Caixa Cultural Recife
Tuesday (19) at 19.30
Tickets: R $ 4.00 (full price) and R $ 2.00 (half)
Parental guidance: Free.