Felipe Bronze fala de sua experiência na cozinha

Felipe Bronze fala de sua experiência na cozinha

Owner Oro restaurant, the chef also runs the programs ‘That is sweet’ and ‘The taste Brazil’
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Chef and host Felipe Bronze is one of the greatest representatives of avant-garde cuisine in the country

A few months ago, the public could see sadness in the eyes of the ever proud chef Felipe Bronze. The Rio is one of the leaders of a silent movement for a modern and inventive Brazilian cuisine. Owner Oro restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, was widely known for participation in various TV programs. In one, he proved fragile. In an episode that aired last season of The taste Brazil (GNT), he lamented the distorted view that some people have of contemporary chefs sometimes stigmatized as “creative too.”

“The great what things is balancing the cook must have between being creative and balanced between the basic preparation and techniques. To be creative you have to know the basis of the processes. He was creative, “he says. He, then, was the Mauri participant, Philip admired by precisely think the food out the obvious with modern presentations that misuse of new techniques.


In quick passage through the capital last week, Bronze was present at Mercadinho of Brasilia, an event that is to mark the encouraging the use of organic products. The use of fruits and vegetables free of chemicals and products produced in a sustainable way may seem to some freshness. For others, something uneconomical. But in Felipe’s view, very soon will be a trend in national tables, is in the hands of chefs, whether in the amateur cooks. “We do not use organic just because it is natural, because it uses much tastier. Not to mention that a country like ours, much more than in carbon emissions, we must speak of people from the countryside, living family farming as rescue of Brazilian cuisine, “he argues. Raw material with the face of our capital, it takes in memory chestnut-of-baru, which met for almost eight years. “I started buying in bulk, rather than the supplier was used to sell and found out it was a food that was on the endangered list. The curious and at the same time, important for people to know is that when a seed is endangered, it is then that should be consumed. This encourages the cultivation of this plant and it happens to be played, “he said on the brown seed, very common on the outskirts of Brasilia,” city that has a cultural effervescence very strong and important to the cuisine. “

Restaurant + TV = culture

Effort, dedication and discipline are key words for Felipe Bronze in the hard task of reconciling the work ahead of Oro and TV, in charge of the programs it be sweet The taste Brazil. According to the chef, the massive presence of cooks in various cultural products helps in the development of the new Brazilian cuisine. “Gastronomy is culture. And it is developing more.

15 years ago, there were few herbs available in the markets, for example, and used to be a profession of need. Nowadays it is a profession of choice. The vast majority of people are in this market because it wants to, because he has chosen. In the Olympics, Roberta Sudbrack led the kitchen of the House of Brazil. This exchange is important “, he says.

sweet discoveries

The confectionery has always been strong element in the experience of Felipe Bronze in casseroles, since he was still studying gastronomy. “It is a very vast universe of techniques that fascinated me. And I ended up taking the caramel technique for the hot kitchen, which helped me in the sensitivity to realize that the confectionery techniques could be used in the kitchen, “he says. The chef goes further: “The confectionery and the kitchen complement. Paradoxically, they are on opposite sides in the kitchen. They must always be together. “

Avant-garde, but ancestor

In the new phase of Oro, the fire appears as the main element of the kitchen, referring the oldest and most ancient way of cooking. “I am a staunch advocate of avant-garde cuisine and often the vanguard are you resume origin.
The main element that brings basic cooking and flavor. I seek it in antiquity and modern kitchen. It is very important that we know what you’re doing. The technical field is essential. What imagination and have the good sense permit is valid, “he points out.